The Head Of The Pack



Dark Red/Mahogany Male.

Date Of Birth: 6th January 2009. 

Hip Score: 27





Tizer is heavy boned, with a very big head, very big frame of excellent breed type.


Son of "Jerivindi Hes The One For Anneddwen" ("Henry" who made Breed History by becoming The First Ever Bordeaux to Win A Best In Show at Open Level) and "Maplegirl Dancer"-(daughter of The Fabled world famous "Temple Felson (Re-Import)" who was SADB clubmatch winner when only 16months old. Tizer is certainly the most imposing Dogue we own taking many of his forefathers fantastic traits, including masses of substance, and beautiful conformation. He is the deepest red imaginable, again a trait we are very grateful to Henry for.




Grandson of "Ir Ch Rhodonite Red Explosion For Jerivindi" and Great Grandson of "Ned Ch Brandouxs Toezz" both of whom are renowned for bestowing their dominant true to type genes to their respetive progeny. Producing dogues that have fantastic substance to sit alongside their beautiful temperaments.



Still in his infancy Tizer currently weighs 63kg (139lbs) standing a massive 26" (66cm) at the withers, we are expecting great things from him when fully mature, as he has a fantastic core, he is already showing many of his fathers' traits.



Having Great Names In His Pedigree That Incude;

"Ned Ch Hooch" "Kenyee World Cup Fever" "Ned Ch Laruscades Bibi" "Jenny Fair De L'etang De Mirloup (Imp) "Ir Ch Laruscade Miracle Boy For Anbarees"



Tizer has many of his dads' characteristics including the deep mahogany colour, beautiful nature and temperament, for which we are forever indebted to Henry (as is the Dogue world); for Tizer still sees himself as the fluffy lapdog he was when a pup, still believing he can nibble your ear to say hello.




Always the first dog that people stop and enquire about, always first to claim a stroke; when out and about he never ceases to draw a crowd. Tizer is certainly the jewel in the pack. He has the most impressive of heads, the true head of the REDDMOLOSSER pack.



Tizer continues to pass this greatness through his progeny ensuring the legacy of his fore-fathers continues to thrive.











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